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Quicklaunch: configuring the taskbar


Most of us use a particular set of applications, folders and webpages on a more regular basis than others. Since Windows 95 there’s been a clever solution to allow you to start those items directly from the taskbar beside the ‘start’ button with one click. It’s called the ‘Quicklaunch toolbar’ and, properly configured, ought to look a little like this:

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UK Freedom of Information: How to submit a request


There was much ado in January 2005 when the Freedom of Information Act came into force, with newspapers publicizing some high profile instances where they had used the Act to obtain information. However, many people are still in the dark as to how exactly to submit a request. “Is there a special form to fill out and where do I get it from?” was one question we received recently. Putting in a freedom of information act request is quite the opposite, however. You don’t even need to quote the act. Let’s explore just what you do need to supply when making a request.

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Clever calendar counsel II: putting it online


So you???????ve set up your Outlook/Thunderbird calendar and found it to be useful in organising your day to day life? You may have even found out how to access the schedules of colleagues who work in the same organisation as you. But what if you???????re interested in accessing your calendar from an Internet caf???©? Or sharing your calendar with family, friends or customers over the Internet? Putting it on your homepage? Or having entertainment that you love updating your calendar automatically when something???????s on in your area? Let???????s find out in today???????s tips from the Information Handyman.

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Bright browsing: smart internet surfing


Different browsers have different benefits, and slightly different tools or shortcuts to those tools. So which browser are you using? Back in 2002 Microsoft’s Internet Explorer had captured 95% of the market but these days that’s been whittled down to 85% or so by Apple’s Safari and, perhaps more of a threat to Internet Explorer (IE), Mozilla’s Firefox (which also has a version that works on Apple computers).

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Why use records management?


It???????s not uncommon for people within the records management profession to be undervalued. The fact is, most people think little of it but a new politically correct term for a filing clerk. As someone who???????s been involved in the profession since 1990, the truth is a little more complex.

Though it can involve circulating files, the emphasis is very much more on setting up procedures so that people can manage their own records easily, minimise their risk, and reduce their costs.

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