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Conducting an information audit


Many of us find the data and information we store to be in all sorts of areas, be it in the basement VHS collection, on the bookshelf, emails on the home computer, or spread out over an organisation in various silos. If we wanted to access all the information we had on hiring staff we???????d get ourselves into an awful pickle hunting through each of the informational areas.

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Information management policies – why we need them


Let’s start by asking what is an information policy? Though organisations will vary on the scope of a policy, it is generally a document that has been approved by senior management that covers how employees create, access, store, and dispose of information whether of a personal or business nature. It should cover all the information assets held by the organisation, including emails, and be easily accessible to all staff – perhaps on the intranet or held within the ‘policy’ folder of the business. Aspects of it could also be available for the public, particularly if your organisation is subject to freedom of information legislation. Read the rest of this entry »

Freedom of information: answering requests


We’ve covered how to ask a Freedom of Information Act question to a public authority, but how should you expect your public authority to reply? Or, for those who are receiving a request, how do you best go about answering it? Openess, transparency and a willingness to be accountable for actions are the bottom line, but let’s go over the specifics.

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