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WordPressing with style Part 2: Plug-ins


What is a plug-in? Where do they go? What are the essential ones? And where do I find them all in one file? Let the Information Handyman guide you through this three-step process for adding functionality to your WordPress installation…

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Making Paypal Buttons change colour on hover


Since the Paypal buttons are such an important part of getting folks to cough up, it???????s imperative they behave as users might expect a link to. However the default buttons don???????t change when you hover over them which, being the meticulous/analy-retentive guy that I am, I simply had to resolve. Read the rest of this entry »

On Social Learning with Harold Jarche and Steve Wheeler


Late last week I met with Harold Jarche, who was one of the closing speakers at the Learning Technologies Summer Forum. One of the opening speakers, Steve Wheeler was also at the hotel and joined us for the first hour. We had a wide-ranging discussion that had implications for a number of knowledge management issues. Some highlights: Read the rest of this entry »

Improving Findability on your Intranet: Collection Management Essentials


I believe your intranet can help staff find the information they are likely to need faster. It can be the popular, respected and well used digital library that your staff expect it to be. But according to CMSWire, in a recent survey of over 20,000 employees from 67 organizations, this is not often the case: Read the rest of this entry »

Enabling a Safe Internet: Putting Parenting on Auto-pilot


Staying safe on the internet can be a worry. Viruses and malware can inadvertently appear or be clicked on, and you won’t necessarily know what is out there unless your virus detection software picks up on it. It is even worse when you have children to consider, because the content on a website won’t necessarily be appropriate for them. Read the rest of this entry »

WordPressing with style part 1: themes


Sure, content is king, but without some hip design features, you’re headed for the dustbin of Web 1.0. Read on, reader, to find links to the best selection of themes, an easy to use generator to customise your own theme and instructions on how to make that theme work on your site.
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How to subscribe to an RSS feed


What’s all this RSS business, and why do people keep wanting me to ‘subscribe’?

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Clever calendar counsel II: putting it online


So you???????ve set up your Outlook/Thunderbird calendar and found it to be useful in organising your day to day life? You may have even found out how to access the schedules of colleagues who work in the same organisation as you. But what if you???????re interested in accessing your calendar from an Internet caf???©? Or sharing your calendar with family, friends or customers over the Internet? Putting it on your homepage? Or having entertainment that you love updating your calendar automatically when something???????s on in your area? Let???????s find out in today???????s tips from the Information Handyman.

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Bright browsing: smart internet surfing


Different browsers have different benefits, and slightly different tools or shortcuts to those tools. So which browser are you using? Back in 2002 Microsoft’s Internet Explorer had captured 95% of the market but these days that’s been whittled down to 85% or so by Apple’s Safari and, perhaps more of a threat to Internet Explorer (IE), Mozilla’s Firefox (which also has a version that works on Apple computers).

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Think you know how to copy and paste?


Any fool will proclaim ???I know how to do that!???, but do you know how to maximise the potential of the keyboard to speed up the copy and paste task? Many of you may know some of the shortcuts below, but most of you won???????t know all of them, so join me as I explain some handy tools to make your work sail past.

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