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WordPressing with style Part 2: Plug-ins


What is a plug-in? Where do they go? What are the essential ones? And where do I find them all in one file? Let the Information Handyman guide you through this three-step process for adding functionality to your WordPress installation…

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The future of EDRMS: change is ours for the taking


In my previous post I dealt with a fundamental difference between records management and the Web 2.0 environment – namely hierarchical classification vs tagging. I posited that EDRMS providers will have to take this, as well as other Web 2.0 functionality, into consideration when building their systems for the future. Steve Bailey has prompted this post’s structure by asking a number of questions in the comments field of that post. Let’s look at them in turn: Read the rest of this entry »

WordPressing with style part 1: themes


Sure, content is king, but without some hip design features, you’re headed for the dustbin of Web 1.0. Read on, reader, to find links to the best selection of themes, an easy to use generator to customise your own theme and instructions on how to make that theme work on your site.
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Open source software: building profitable solutions for people


In the computer software market there is a movement that is gaining tremendous momentum throughout the world. It promises a way out of the trap that has been snaring businesses and consumers. A trap that forces them to pay for a dizzying collection of services that they are unable to modify, and probably don’t want. Read the rest of this entry »

HowTo: Setting up an ad-free blog on a budget in the UK


We’ve all seen them, those swish looking professional sites featuring regular updated articles that everyone is always linking to and which seem to attract all the traffic. Maybe you’ve a pile of content itching to be let loose with your creative juices or you’d just like to show your family what you’re up to without looking like an amateur – see Freddie the Magnificent for an example of that. Either way, here’s how to set up a blog that looks as professional as punch and will hardly cost you a dime. First thing is to decide on a domain…

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HowTo: Putting the FOI Monitor into action


A help file to assist you with using the free Freedom of Information Act monitoring software available from the ???FOI Monitor’ link above.

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