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Bright browsing: smart internet surfing


Different browsers have different benefits, and slightly different tools or shortcuts to those tools. So which browser are you using? Back in 2002 Microsoft’s Internet Explorer had captured 95% of the market but these days that’s been whittled down to 85% or so by Apple’s Safari and, perhaps more of a threat to Internet Explorer (IE), Mozilla’s Firefox (which also has a version that works on Apple computers).

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Clever calendar counsel


Whereas many of us used to keep a diary for important and upcoming events or meetings, there???????s been a steady encroachment on this by the advent of software capable of scheduling appointments and meetings and to integrate the whole process with email applications.

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Think you know how to copy and paste?


Any fool will proclaim ???I know how to do that!???, but do you know how to maximise the potential of the keyboard to speed up the copy and paste task? Many of you may know some of the shortcuts below, but most of you won???????t know all of them, so join me as I explain some handy tools to make your work sail past.

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