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Building your online Community of Practice


Communities of practice often grow organically from a forum to needing a website to store relevant information on to a full blown site riddled with features. As this occurs it can gradually lead to a diaspora of resources across a variety of platforms as new functionality requirements – document storage, webpage editing, calendar functionality, search and so on – become apparent. Nip this potential in the bud now by setting your community up on a single site that supports the following headings… Read the rest of this entry »

Online Document Storage


It`s a digital age and almost all our data is kept on devices such as computers. However, if your computer breaks down and you haven`t backed up your information you could find yourself in trouble. Most of us have created a document at some point, only to lose it due to corrupted files, computer glitches and broken storage devices. This is so common that millions of pieces of important data are lost this way every year.

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Enabling a Safe Internet: Putting Parenting on Auto-pilot


Staying safe on the internet can be a worry. Viruses and malware can inadvertently appear or be clicked on, and you won’t necessarily know what is out there unless your virus detection software picks up on it. It is even worse when you have children to consider, because the content on a website won’t necessarily be appropriate for them. Read the rest of this entry »

Publishing information: webpages and HTML for beginners


In today’s ‘information age’ we’re often confronted with a variety of content types – Open Office, MS Word, PDFs, scanned images even. Increasingly however the webpage is becoming the content type of choice. And for good reasons over and above other formats. Web pages: Read the rest of this entry »

The future of EDRMS: change is ours for the taking


In my previous post I dealt with a fundamental difference between records management and the Web 2.0 environment – namely hierarchical classification vs tagging. I posited that EDRMS providers will have to take this, as well as other Web 2.0 functionality, into consideration when building their systems for the future. Steve Bailey has prompted this post’s structure by asking a number of questions in the comments field of that post. Let’s look at them in turn: Read the rest of this entry »

To classify or not: records management vs user management


Ever since Euan Semple inveighed with his keynote speech at the RMS Conference in April on the potential of user-controlled electronic content management systems – Digg, Flickr,, Google Docs, Blogging, Discussion Forums, Web 2.0, and all that internet schnazz I’d be lost without – there’s been a right hoo-har about the relevance of electronic document and records management systems – those systems that are controlled centrally in organisations and generally by a group of experts who control user behaviour consisting at least in part by a records manager. Read the rest of this entry »

WordPressing with style part 1: themes


Sure, content is king, but without some hip design features, you’re headed for the dustbin of Web 1.0. Read on, reader, to find links to the best selection of themes, an easy to use generator to customise your own theme and instructions on how to make that theme work on your site.
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Information, knowledge and records management search engine


The Information Handyman has developed, in conjunction with google, a customised search engine that only generates results from UK:

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Getting a job in the records management industry


Part of any records manager???????s career is getting a job in the industry. Some folks gain experience in a position because no-one else wants it then feel a need to move into a more RM specific position, others find themselves graduating with a records management qualification and seeking employment, still others find records management to be an add-on to their librarian role or what have you. Whichever way we find ourselves on the career path, eventually we???????ll need to enter the job market, and this article seeks to educate you on just how to go about that.

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Freedom of information resources for the professional


Whether you’ve just started out or have been working in information law for years, this article lists cialis online generic UK FOI resources comprehensively, with links to stater packs, government websites, professional organisations and resources to keep you up to date.

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