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Online records and knowledge management events calendar


There are a number of sources for training seminars, workshops, conferences and other events in UK knowledge, records and information management sector, but none seem to bring them all together. Enter the Information Handyman’s Information Calendar:

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Clever calendar counsel II: putting it online


So you???????ve set up your Outlook/Thunderbird calendar and found it to be useful in organising your day to day life? You may have even found out how to access the schedules of colleagues who work in the same organisation as you. But what if you???????re interested in accessing your calendar from an Internet caf???©? Or sharing your calendar with family, friends or customers over the Internet? Putting it on your homepage? Or having entertainment that you love updating your calendar automatically when something???????s on in your area? Let???????s find out in today???????s tips from the Information Handyman.

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Clever calendar counsel


Whereas many of us used to keep a diary for important and upcoming events or meetings, there???????s been a steady encroachment on this by the advent of software capable of scheduling appointments and meetings and to integrate the whole process with email applications.

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