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Power BI Toggle Switch visualisation updated

Sometimes it’s the little things that get me excited; so I was delighted to find out the Power BI toggle switch visualisation has been updated. This handy little graphic allows a user to click on it to filter the data in other visualisations to a value, or values, that you specify in the options; and […]

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Saving SharePoint Document Library/List Settings as a Template

Have you ever spent 20-minutes setting up a document library in SharePoint with multiple views, a folder structure, default column values, some custom columns, content types, and perhaps some default content, then struggled to copy the settings to another library? Fear not, brave SharePoint Site Owner, there’s a simple and sometimes hidden route to awesome…

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What’s missing from the new Yammer?

The new version of Yammer is a massive improvement over the previous – full text and interactive emails, favouriting communities, the replacement of Yammer profiles with the Office 365 ones, and the hidden gem of closing posts to further comments have been met with universal acclaim. I’m not here to gush, however, so lets get […]