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WordPressing with style part 1: themes

Sure, content is king, but without some hip design features, you’re headed for the dustbin of Web 1.0. Read on, reader, to find links to the best selection of themes, an easy to use generator to customise your own theme and instructions on how to make that theme work on your site.

Data protection

Information, knowledge and records management search engine

The Information Handyman has developed, in conjunction with google, a customised search engine that only generates results from UK:

Records Management

Getting a job in the records management industry

Part of any records manager’s career is getting a job in the industry. Some folks gain experience in a position because no-one else wants it then feel a need to move into a more RM specific position, others find themselves graduating with a records management qualification and seeking employment, still others find records management to […]

Freedom of information

Freedom of information resources for the professional

Whether you’ve just started out or have been working in information law for years, this article lists cialis online generic UK FOI resources comprehensively, with links to stater packs, government websites, professional organisations and resources to keep you up to date.

Information audit Records Management

Records management – resources for the professional

This in no way attempts to provide a comprehensive list of all records management resources available in the UK, what it does provide is some essential resources I’ve found myself regularly consulting in my professional duties.