Freedom of information

Freedom of information resources for the professional

Whether you’ve just started out or have been working in information law for years, this article lists cialis online generic UK FOI resources comprehensively, with links to stater packs, government websites, professional organisations and resources to keep you up to date.

For starters

Freedom of Information Act 2000: implementation & practice – a JISC briefing paper

Answering FOI requests – short article explaining basic expectations that a requestor has of a public authority.

Government websites

The Freedom of Information Act or, download as a PDF

The National Archives – has responsibility for ensuring central government maintains adequate recordkeeping.

Department for Constitutional Affairs – has responsibility for freedom of information policy. RSS feed.

Office of the Information Commissioner – amongst others things, considers appeals to public authorities witholding information, issuing decision notices accordingly.

Scottish Information Commissioner – Same as the UK ICO, only operates under the Scottish law.

Information Tribunal – amongst other tasks, considers ICO decision notices. Has, generally, taken the public interest further than authorities and the ICO.

Non-Governmental Organisations

Act Now training for the information society – Core business of providing training in the legal issues, they also have a number of articles and a newsletter.

Campaign for Freedom of Information – since 1984, a non-profit organisation working to improve public access to official information and to ensure that the Freedom of Information Act is implemented effectively.

Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP) – the librarian’s professional body who also claim to represent all information professionals

Records Management Society – representing records managers internationally

Charter88 – a pressure group for a more open and fair democracy.

The FOI Doctor – an experienced group of trainers, consultants and executive coaches. Has considerable experience in FOI, has a wide range of in-house training and coaching for individuals and teams.

Privacy Data Protection – provides FOI specific training as well as the annual conference and journal.

The Guardian – their freedom of information campaign.

Keeping up to date with developments

Information Law Newsletter – produced by Act Now, a quarterly free web based newsletter on Information Law issues in the public sector.

Ibrahim Hasan – Information Lawyer – Ibrahim is one of the leading experts in FOI having done many years of training and advice throughout the UK and abroad, the site features authoritative podcasts on topical issues.

Your Right to Know – Heather Brooks’ ‘Citizen’s Guide to the Freedom of Information Act’. RSS Feed.

Freedom of Information & Open Government Blog – Maurice Frankel’s award winning blog, including a facility to search across UK FOI resources. RSS feed.

Freedom of Information Scotland Blog – particularly useful for those dealing with the Scottish Act, check out this pithy and regularly updated blog. RSS feed.

Doctor FOI – Free monthly e-bulletin from Dilly Jones Ass. Ltd.

Information Rights Journal – produced by the DCA, provides a free round-up of ICO decisions and articles by leaders in the field.

Open Secrets – FOI blog written by the BBC’s Martin Rosenbaum. RSS feed.

Freedom of Information Journal – an authoritative and informative bi-monthly publication from Privacy Data Protection. ??265 per year for hardcopy or ??375 plus VAT for the PDFs.

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