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Get Geospatial with the Moodle Database Activity

Moodle allows you to quickly build a custom database, including a location field; this article will show you how to make it easy for your users to populate that field, and then generate a beautiful, interactive map from its data

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Power BI – Keeping it Simple

You know the scenario – you throw some visualisations together and publish a proof of concept. People love it, and start filling up your backlog. You quickly add new features accordingly, and before you know it you’ve an unintelligible mass of pages, charts, tables, filters, maps, and text boxes; the ‘love’ turns out to be […]

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Sharepoint library settings – quickly go from default to awesome

The out of the box list settings in Sharepoint are simple and easy to get your head around. Here are some basic configuration settings that will bring out the very best Sharepoint has to offer. So head to your list, and add these in…

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Saving SharePoint Document Library/List Settings as a Template

Have you ever spent 20-minutes setting up a document library in SharePoint with multiple views, a folder structure, default column values, some custom columns, content types, and perhaps some default content, then struggled to copy the settings to another library? Fear not, brave SharePoint Site Owner, there’s a simple and sometimes hidden route to awesome…

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What’s missing from the new Yammer?

The new version of Yammer is a massive improvement over the previous – full text and interactive emails, favouriting communities, the replacement of Yammer profiles with the Office 365 ones, and the hidden gem of closing posts to further comments have been met with universal acclaim. I’m not here to gush, however, so lets get […]

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Finding the most liked Yammer message

We wanted to improve our communications, and figured that understanding the characteristics of messages that had lots of ‘likes’ would help us do that. A request to find the most liked Yammer messages in our network was received, and we and figured out a way to find it…

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Interactive Images in Sharepoint

If you have a need to embed an image with clickable sections within it across Sharepoint (or any web content management system, for that matter), there is a reasonably easy way to accomplish this…

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Preventing a Digital Workplace Dark Age: Why Intranet Archiving Policies Matter

Imagine a future where we find ourselves without a written record of the past; a ‘digital dark age’. Because just as digital content is easy to create it is as easy to lose. So where we ruthlessly delete content that doesn’t get used, if we don’t ensure the right information gets stored for the future […]

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Improving Findability on your Intranet: Collection Management Essentials

I believe your intranet can help staff find the information they are likely to need faster. It can be the popular, respected and well used digital library that your staff expect it to be. But according to CMSWire, in a recent survey of over 20,000 employees from 67 organizations, this is not often the case:

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Using your Intranet to improve employee satisfaction

Normally when we work on an intranet it is to provide direct business benefits; to find effective and efficient ways to improve company profits. “Let’s publish more brochures to help win work” or “Let’s do a round of health and safety awareness to limit our liability”.???  Studies abound, however, linking employee satisfaction with an improved […]