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Information, knowledge and records management search engine

The Information Handyman has developed, in conjunction with google, a customised search engine that only generates results from UK:

– organisations that have a bent towards records managers and FOI;
– national broadsheets;
– government bodies that have been referenced as being exemplary in the records management/FOI field;
– relevant blogs, magazines and journals; and
– various discussion lists

You can search from here:

Information, knowledge and records management search engine

You can make access to the search engine considerably easier by adding it to the toolbar. I’ve written about using a toolbar to assist browsing the internet, so if you’re using the google toolbar rightclick in the search box and click on Viagra Canada Online the option to ‘Generate custom search’ as in the image below:

Generate custom knowledge search

Once you’ve done that, a message box will appear prompting you to add the Information Handyman search to your toolbar. Click ‘OK’ and it ought to appear a little like this:

Search buttons google

By typing in your search then clicking on the Information Handyman icon, the results you acheive from your search will be displayed based on the following internet resources:–services/council-and-democracy/data-protection-and-foi

If you’d like to add the search to your website, or if I’ve missed any resources that you think ought to be added to this list, please leave a comment below.

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