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How to subscribe to an RSS feed

What’s all this RSS business, and why do people keep wanting me to ‘subscribe’?

I’ve prattled on in these pages a little about a personalised homepage, so head there if you want to know more about setting one up. In there I recommend using Netvibes as your homepage provider. If you’re using this service, to subscribe to the Information Handyman’s articles, click on the following button:

Netvibes link

Otherwise, there are a whole bunch of other homepage providers. Some of the more popular ones are featured below. If you’re using one of them just click on the images and the Information Handyman will be automatically loaded onto your homepage:







If you are using another product, there ought to be a link for you to be able to add a new feed. Click on this then copy and paste the following into the box:

Once you’ve done that you’ll be alerted to any new articles that get posted here automatically from your homepage – it ought to look a little like the list on the Information Handyman’s homepage. I’m posting about one article a week, so there’s bound to be something in there you don’t know about. Another option is to check the Information Handyman Contents to see if there’s anything that will meet your needs.

If you’d like me to email you each time a new posting occurs rather than set up a homepage, click on the ‘subscribe via email’ link on the right. You’ll be asked for your email address (we won’t pass it onto any third parties), follow the prompts from there to receive an email each time something new gets posted.

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