Information Auditor 2.3

Planning on conducting an information audit, information survey or information inventory? The Information Auditor is free software designed to allow you to conduct an inventory of your organisation’s information assets and create a register of files and records you hold.

In tandem with the seminars I’m presenting, a raft of features become available in this release, free to those who have already purchased previous versions. Here is a sample of the upgrades:

  • New user interface incorporates hyperlinks rather than buttons
    The ‘audit’ form’s field names can be clicked on for context specific ‘help’ pop-up boxes
  • You can now choose from 46 fields with a check-box form, the fields will appear in the ‘Audit’ forms according to your selection
  • The optional ‘Team’ drop-down box is now dependant on the ‘Division’ drop-down box
  • Entering or tabbing into the ‘establishment’ date field brings up a calendar form. Click on any date to close the calendar and enter that date into the form.
  • The classification scheme now only requires one form to fill out instead of three
  • Complete support for the Electronic Government (eGMS), TNA and Dublin Core Metadata Standards
  • Support for creating an open-standard spreadsheet file has been reinstated
  • Ability to sort, filter, copy and paste data from tables and forms from a pre-loaded toolbar
  • Latest version (2.01) of the Local Government Classification Scheme optionally preloaded into the system
  • You can now change the background and foreground colours and logo on all the forms to match your organisation’s branding
  • A neat graphic validating your purchase appears once you’ve entered in the password

Loaded with drop-down boxes and automated fields the Information Auditor will make your survey so much easier.


Windows 95, 98, 2000, Me, XP, Vista and Mac OS X running MS Office.
5MB memory
Microsoft Access 2000-2003 (if you’re not sure, but have MS Office applications such as Word, Powerpoint, or Outlook 2003, then you probably have MS Access too).


Click on the image below to download the Access 2003 version:

If you are running an earlier version of Access you can use the Information Auditor 1.9. Unfortunately, all of the functionality of version 2.3 listed above is unavailable with this version. If you are willing to pay for an unlimited user license (it’s dead cheap!) I can send you an unlocked copy that will work on versions of Access from ’97 onwards. Click on the image below to download the Information Auditor Access 2000 version:

Once you’ve downloaded it to your desktop, double click on the icon, choose a folder – preferably on a shared drive somewhere – to put it in, then click ‘Install’.

There is a huge array of options to alter the Information Auditor to suit the needs of your organisation, most of it is pretty self-explanatory. Click here for extensive Information Auditor Help documentation.

If your organisation is happy with the product I have authored, please contribute to the development costs by clicking the button below and donating £150.00:

If you do pay for it, further customization is also available. Don’t hesitate to email the Information Handyman if you need any assistance.

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