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Flexible Project Management with SharePoint Lists and the Power Platform

When Microsoft’s Planner is insufficient and Project is too complex, this post outlines how to use SharePoint lists for task management. SharePoint offers flexibility with custom fields, quick setup, and integration with the Power Platform. The guide details creating task lists, assigning responsibilities, and improving task views, providing a middle ground between Planner and Project.

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Configuring Software to Support an Archiving Policy

The Records Continuum A 1930’s records management concept was the ‘records lifecycle’; where separate decisions about what should happen to a record occurred when it was created, accessed and then disposed of has recently been updated as a ‘continuum’. The upshot of the theory suggests significant efficiencies can be made if all those decisions are […]

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Online Document Storage

It`s a digital age and almost all our data is kept on devices such as computers. However, if your computer breaks down and you haven`t backed up your information you could find yourself in trouble. Most of us have created a document at some point, only to lose it due to corrupted files, computer glitches […]