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It`s a digital age and almost all our data is kept on devices such as computers. However, if your computer breaks down and you haven`t backed up your information you could find yourself in trouble. Most of us have created a document at some point, only to lose it due to corrupted files, computer glitches and broken storage devices. This is so common that millions of pieces of important data are lost this way every year.

According to David Smith, in The Cost of Lost Data: “6% of all PCs will suffer an episode of data loss in any given year… that translates to approximately 4.6 million data loss episodes.” There is an easy way to back up data that is practically fool proof, however.

It involves storing your files on the internet. There are lots of benefits to this. By choosing to store files this way to can access them from any computer with internet access and there are also hugely decreased chances of your files becoming damaged or destroyed.

Types of Online Document Storage

There are lots of different ways to store any types of document online. One simple example of online document storage could be a University student emailing themselves coursework and having it constantly available and on file in their inbox. Or what about sites like Flicker which store thousands of high quality photographs? The truth is; we access online storage libraries every day without really thinking about it.

However, there are more professional solutions than email inboxes and photo websites out there which allow you to store thousands of files online. Companies can scan your company`s documents, or take the electronic data-files and create an easily accessed company archive. These tend to be fully secure and easy to access online from any computer.

This is perfect for ensuring you never lose any important data due to computer issues. Many companies like are browser-based you don`t need to download any complicated software to get started. You can even upload files in big batches and search for files using keywords, meaning you can find the documents you need for any given task quickly.

How it Works

Files are saved by online storage companies in much the same way that websites are saved on computer servers. Because servers (and websites) can be accessed via the internet from anywhere in the world, that means that your files can be accessed online from anywhere too.

That`s not the only process involved in making sure your files are secure and stored safely though, there are other computer systems in place to categorise files too and to make them searchable. However, the basic principles for storing websites on the internet and other types of document are basically the same.

If you`re looking in to backing up your company`s files using online document storage services use a company like because they provide a far safer and simpler solution than using conventional hard drives and disks.

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