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Enabling a Safe Internet: Putting Parenting on Auto-pilot

Staying safe on the internet can be a worry. Viruses and malware can inadvertently appear or be clicked on, and you won’t necessarily know what is out there unless your virus detection software picks up on it. It is even worse when you have children to consider, because the content on a website won’t necessarily be appropriate for them.

You only have to go to o2, Vodafone or Apple and purchase one of their broadband products to access the internet. If you are trying to keep a child safe on their laptop, PC or their mobile device, here are some handy tips on how to keep safe on the internet.


If you were to ban your child from looking at certain websites without proper explanation, you might find they will go behind your back and access it anyway. Educate them. Tell them about the dangers that exist on the web, and how to avoid getting hurt by outside sources. Explain that they shouldn’t post personal information, or trust the word of strangers.

Internet filter

There is such thing as family safety software, which filters out dangerous content. This software has become quite advanced lately, and can supply the following tools: remote monitoring, keystroke recognition, and reporting. Basically it helps you do your job.

Inappropriate content

The family filter is a good resource, but it can miss things. Some estimate 60% of content on the internet is inappropriate for children. Teach them to raise any issues they find with an adult when they stumble across content that disturbs them.

Also, point them in the direction of safe sites to browse Internet resources; Wikipedia, YouTube, MoshiMonsters are all entertaining and comprehensive sites that enforce at least some degree of censorship.


Supply guidelines for your children to follow, and enforce them. Teach them what they can and cannot do, and make sure they know the consequences.

Finally, make sure you are familiar with and understand internet privacy policies. This will help you actively protect your children online.

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